All 4 feet and snouts in the trough – Guest Writer Vaughan Winiata

We have mentioned why Business Advisors/Business Consultants don’t sit right with us in previous posts.
They are not clued up in a number of industries. With each industry comes different nuances and subtleties.
Much of their advice is generic and not built for purpose. We didn’t think the Regional Partner Programme was a good idea.  Why? More businesses should still be operating post-lockdown if any business advice sought prior actually had any real benefit.
The following article is by Vaughan Winiata.  Here’s why the whole thing stinks.  I would say the payouts to advisors up this way were similar. But did you know some were getting paid this much?


Just when we thought 2020 couldn’t get any crazier, along comes the Regional Business Partners Program (RBPP) with its own Bad Apples.

Unfortunately, some Taxpayer-Funded RBPP Advisors have been greedy PIGS 🐷 & putting ALL 4 FEET & SNOUTS IN THE TROUGH.

It’s offensive when thousands of Small Businesses fight for survival that Advisors from well-known companies are shafting Small Businesses & shafting their own country too. Classless Creatures.

Below are 2 REAL scenarios:-
(there are plenty more)

– A Small Business received 6 hours phone/zoom Advisory Sessions

– Cost to Taxpayers: $5,000

– $833 per hour2: – 20 Small Businesses received a half-day (4hr) Advisory Session

– Cost to Taxpayer: $100,000

– $25,000/hr for the group

– $1,250/hr per SME Let’s be crystal clear here, this is corruption, theft of Crown Money your money, my money

Happening Now!

Putting the above into context #smallbusiness Advisors (very good ones) charge around $250/hr, any Advisor charging above $250/hr would need to be offering a VERY special service.

There needs to be an immediate (& independent) review & that must include transparency on hourly rates charged by RBPP Advisors.

The Party’s Over! – Greedy Advisors & their Unethical Billing Practices can BUGGER OFF.

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