Adding our sister Facebook group ‘Wow Disability’ to this blog.


You can reach Wow Disability here

We will be setting up a separate page on this site to include the work we do with Wow Disability. Wow Disability celebrate diversity in communities and in business. We are disabled people who support business owners who have experienced business loss,  significant trauma, and the impact on mental health.

Disability and Mental Health go hand in hand and are celebrated here – not shamed. We work towards educating, teaching tolerance, acceptance, validation of those who have experienced signficant trauma due to business loss. These people need your support – rather than  judgement – and acknowledgement of the special skills they bring pre and post  business loss.

Our facebook page WOW Disability is testimony of the diversity that exists out there in our communities, and throughout the world . We celebrate the talents,challenges, unique skillsets that these people including you – brings to our community and economy. Join our movement of tolerance, validation, acceptance, & education in diverse communities.



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