Give sincere support – Covid19

We hope some of you will touch base with us and let us know how things are with you. It didn’t surprise me that a ‘second wave’ was coming re: Covid-19. When giving messages of best wishes – I find the ‘we are in this together’ slogan a bit insensitive. How? Pandemics are stressful. They are significant events that impact on people in many, many ways.For some it’s traumatic – especially through business loss, liquidation, or bankruptcy.

I stay positive – but grounded. Therefore I’m not on a continual high trying to light up the world when I know the reality of what’s happening. The economy has changed and so has business. Some see this – some don’t.

The Corona virus is a disease – and you can die from it. It is real. There are no conspiracies. Fear and anxiety about what may or may not happen will cause strong emotions in everyone including children.

Social distancing will make some feel isolated. My own Dad felt that way. He is 86 years of age. But such actions and others are necessary to reduce the spread of Covid 19.

Often when people talk about stress, it can often be put in a way that suggests you are stressed and therefore not coping. To those people I say fear and worry about your own and other’s health eg family – is stressful. Your financial situation or the uncertainty of whether you will still have a job – is stressful. Eating and sleeping patterns change. Chronic or mental health conditions – can worsen.

You may experience increased stress. Fear and anxiety playing havoc. It makes perfect sense actually. So healthy ways to cushion the impact of stress could be:

– get tested – if you thnk you have it.

– where can you go to getr treatment, support, services, resources

– take breaks from social media, watching, reading, or listening to news

– enjoy some time to yourself

– connect with others, your community, or even your local church.

If you can add anything else to this post, that would be great.


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