We are a networking, sharing, help-directing group with ‘lived experience’ of business loss and the significant impact on mental health.  We understand fully – the impact on Mental Health relating to a crisis in business.  We cover a wide range of topics – which may resonate with you.

Business Crisis Support NZ challenges the status quo of commonly held beliefs and negative stigmas regarding business loss/failure through discussion, debate, campaigning, investigation, research and report – here on this site.

We provide advocacy, support, and ‘look behind’ investigative services free of charge who are going through the process of business loss, business failure, insolvency, and bankruptcy.

There is more than one factor leading to business failure/loss.  It is not solely the Owner’s fault – as many have believed.  The Covid-19 virus has now disproved that theory. Other factors include natural disasters (like earthquakes), illness, staffing, theft, burglaries, market changes, competition, Acts of God, etc.