Guest Writer – Vaughan Winiata – Two Paths to follow post lockdown

And he’s back.  Coming out of lockdown has impacted differently on people. But according to Guest Writer Vaughan Winiata, there are two distinct groups  forming in the business sector – each with their respective path.  Group 1 – will take the path of least resistance while Group 2 – will take the hard path because they know the new normal is not there.


The Small Business Evolution

In Small Business these days, the words NEW NORMAL are overused & already eye-rollingly tired & cliched. They are tired & cliched because #newnormal is a MYTH.

History has proven that #smallbusiness fortunes, for better or worse follow a Crisis, moments of truth when an #SME will adapt or die.

Right now many are figuring out how to adapt & in doing so a pattern is emerging. While we SMEs may be on the same long road to recovery, two distinct groups are forming & choosing to take different PATHS.

PATH 1: The path of least resistance that leads back to business as usual, despite having weathered a storm the decision to hold on tight to the tried and true. A return to predictable ways is one way of dealing with uncertainty & while understandable it’s more likely to result in mediocre performance & failure.

PATH 2: The hard path, acceptance there is no normal to return to. This group believes future chances are better off resisting the lure to resume their previous form & function. They are open to viewing their strategy, customers, operations & cost structure through a new lens.

Neither of the PATHS is right or wrong, they’re just decisions to go about things in 2 different ways, both exist in exactly the same turbulent worlds.

Which PATH would you or will you follow?

Graphic:  VFormation

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