Personal Safety Guidelines for Volunteers and Clients – Business Crisis Support NZ


During and beyond Covid-19 these are our Guidelines for Volunteers and Clients:

Many of these guidelines are based on law for eg, the Human Rights Act, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Disability Rights, etc  or they reflect the key aspects of Volunteering,orh evolved from our experiences. Guidelines are required to:

  • provide safety for volunteers, clients and their families
  • maintain the integrity of Business Crisis Support NZ

All volunteers with Business Crisis Support NZ must agree to conduct themselves in a manner which ensures that all people are supported and empowered through the services they provide and agree to:

  • Never use information gained during their assignments for personal or professional advantage, or business gain.
  • Not misrepresent their knowledge, skills training or experience and refrain from giving business advice unless asked by Client; medical or otherwise.  Volunteers are responsible for recognising their strengths and limitations.
  • Not discriminate on the grounds of age, belief, culture, gender, marital, intellectual, psychological or physical abilities, race, religion, sexual orientation, social or economic status including bankruptcy.
  • Maintain a consistent professional relationship with Clients and their families.  Suitable boundaries include not encroaching on family or other established relationships.
  • Clarify with the Director/Volunteer Coordinator any personal, moral or religious beliefs that could compromise the standard of care they provide to any Clients and their family.

Maintain confidentiality of all information received about Clients and their families.  If a Volunteer has a concern about a Client, refer it to the Director/Volunteer Coordinator.



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