It’s been a while – but I am back blogging

Good morning everyone. Very chilly in Whangarei at the moment. Alot has happened between August up until now. j

I really enjoyed being part of the Whangarei Labour Party campaign team for Emily Henderson – our new MP for Whangarei.  She did really well and her win was well deserved and well earned.  The campaign team and daily activities we were involved in made Labour Party HQ in Whangarei – a second home for a closeknit group.

November 16 saw me admitted to hospital for a major operation.  The wound took a very long time to heal – November 2020 to now.  In between times I had two readmissions.  When I was young I never thought twice about the impact of infection – something you are warned about before you go into surgery.  I now have a greater respect – having literally at times, needing to fight for my life.  I can’t thank the District Health Nurses that I had from December through to now. They were with me all the way on my whole healing journey.  At times – I know – it was hard for them. They are my life savers (as were the nurses, doctors, surgeon who helped me when I needed it the most).  My immune system is pretty weak, so I am surprised I’m still here.

I see nothing has changed dramatically  with the very things I’ve been campaigning about in business, but there have been slight discussions of change in the mental health  and disability sectors?

Did anyone take part in the Hikoi for Hope Hui at Parliament Grounds on March 23 on Parliament Grounds.  Anyone who couldn’t be there – either due to their disability or not being able to afford the trip down or up to Wellington, had the option of writing articles/pieces to be delivered to Politicians.  We wrote 14 articles. It looks like Hikoi for Hope will be a regular event.  It needs to be.

Kirk Disability Sector Labour Party –  I have pushed for Kirk Disability sector groups to be set up throughout New Zealand.  I have set up Kirk Disability Northland and we have absorbed Kirk Disability West Auckland in our midst. If you are reading this and are a member of the Labour Party – set up a Kirk Disability Group with your Labour Party Electorate.  Our voice however big or small needs to be heard within the Party.

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