Why must we be positive? Who says we should be?

Why must we be positive? Who does that serve? Who is behind the Positive Psychology movement?

I am a very positive and optimistic person – around situations that are sensible and deserve that special positive vibe. I don’t see why people going through business loss, insolvency, and bankruptcy should be told to be positive. There is no logical reason for people who are clearly grieving, to feel ecstatic – because some misguided people say you should be positive.

In New Zealand we are coming out of Covid-19. At the moment we are at Level 1. Other countries are not at this level yet. This is not the time to bombard people with inspiration porn or platitudes. People are being murdered because of the colour of their skin. Telling them they should be positive is a slap in the face – and just as dumb as some of the things I’ve heard being said to business people who have fallen on hard times. Why should we remain positive, and who benefits?

I’m sure many of our heroes throughout history smiled alot and had positive vibes going on in their lives. Some even spread love: Martin Luther King, JFK, Joan of Arc, John Lennon, etc, etc. But for their positive efforts they were all murdered.

Being positive right now is simply another tactic to shut everyone up and keep us in line from asking too many questions. I say, question everything – even when you’re not feeling like smiling.



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