Teetering on a financial knife-edge

Teetering on a financial knife edge – it just takes one creditor to bankrupt Whangarei District Council.  Could it be the contractor owed $6 million dollars? When assets have to be sold off to repay debt – this Creditor is looking at “Forum North” – you know longterm Councillors  and all the others who were re-elected 2022 –   should never have had anything to do with finances for a large business entity like Council.

Incompetence right there.

Google Jim Daisley’s story.

“Contractor Jim Daisley has got a court order that means he can apply to sell Whangārei District Council’s Forum North headquarters to recoup $6.1 million the council owes him following earlier High Court judgements.” – Northern Advocate/NZ Herald (online).

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