My Digital Art at an Autistic Arts Exhibition

The ever-popular annual art exhibition iNDx

celebrates Aotearoa’s autistic artists.

iNDx features works from several artists renowned in both the autism and arts communities, such as Tom Fox and Martin Thompson; there are 30 artists represented in total, from beautiful portraits to comic-style pieces and from abstract art to whimsical illustrations.

Seriously breathtaking 👏

13 October – 10 December
Beautiful Science gallery, Otago Museum

My Art Statement – Ko wai ahau? Who am I?

“I use digital art to express my feelings on any given topic. I find experimenting with form and colour therapeutic and prefer to use abstract structuring as a means of putting my social justice/human rights messages across – especially messages pertaining to unlearning racism, and disability rights are human rights. Other times there is no message but simply a digital canvas of ideations delivered with varying degrees of palleted impact – designed to effect a response from the viewer. Titles of my works are also selected to consolidate that effect.” – Fiona Green

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