Lisa Cowe’s Petition-End Financial Corruption in NZ

The Petition of Lisa Cowe

Human Rights – Help End Financial Corruption in New Zealand

Lisa M Cowe started this petition to Jacinda Ardern Prime Minister

This petition is one of the most important for our communities and people across NZ. It asks that you please support this initiative to help end financial corruption of people who are in financial hardship or who are in formal insolvency procedures.

This campaign is the first of its kind in NZ and the goal is to change and restructure New Zealand’s personal insolvency and lending regimes because much of those industries are unregulated. The first thing I see necessary to do is to make changes to the Human Rights Act by amending sections that will stop the immediate discrimination and exploitation of people suffering under the “debt” regimes.

Every group and segment of society in NZ is accounted for in the Human Rights Act or has rights under the Bill of Rights Act. This is not true of people in financial hardship or people who have been forced to enter into formal insolvency procedures. There are no categories for us in many acts of NZ law. As a result of us being excluded from even government policy, people are literally being exploited by individuals, banks and other corporations for profit.

How do I know this? Because I have actual evidence of the corruption and have sent some of it to our government ministers. But they refuse to put a stop to it and have tried to silence my voice by refusing to accept my submissions to select committees.

What I also know to be true is that our government has given more rights and public money to the Ch-Ch terrorist, than it gives to the victims of NZ’s financial regimes.

If there is to be true rights and wellbeing for NZ people we must begin by changing the Human Rights Act. I am creating a draft members bill which will add people in financial hardship and people in formal insolvency procedures into the Human Rights Act. It is the only thing that will truly help to end financial suffering and hardship in our country.


 “Today’s financial regimes – not our future.”

3 Replies to “Lisa Cowe’s Petition-End Financial Corruption in NZ”

  1. Hi Lisa, we think it is too. There are many related legislative changes that also need re-drafting too. Particularly in the areas of insolvency, and finance.

    1. Yes and thank you for the great work you are doing also. Walking the paths where others fear to tread. Eventually we will be victorious and we can all celebrate a new society that we all deserve.

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