Fiona Green – I am changing what I no longer can accept – Join our Movement

Our local Council have offered nothing and I mean nothing to the community they are supposed to be serving especially during this lockdown and beyond.

There’s nothing for the ‘handicapped business owner’ yes, I’ll put it that way because that’s exactly how some see us and the language they would use – behind our backs rather than to our faces.

When we try to reach out to help or offer our voice in community matters, our ‘crippled’ hands are side-swiped with the corporate response which is to ignore.

Northland Inc are no better. Our economy was never doing well – even before Covid19 hit our shores.

Amazing what people readily accepted regarding directives for business and our local economy. Northland Inc just posted a whole lot of links to websites – enough to shut people up because they neither had the skill or expertise to deal with a massive business crisis. You wouldn’t believe what their unempathetic response at the early stages of lockdown.

Some of us will be changing the things we should never have accepted in the first place. Communities own different regions, not Councils, Councillors, and right wing Organisations like Northland Inc.

Disabled people aren’t part of the problem, how can we be when our voices are seldom heard.

Handicapped person with aspergers syndrome

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4 Replies to “Fiona Green – I am changing what I no longer can accept – Join our Movement”

  1. Its a shock for the few that choose to pay attention to what is really going on, and finding out the truth about how our country is actually run. For some its too much to bare and the task so big that they simply turn away from it. I hold on to the hope that if people could see what we know to be true then they would take actions to change the laws and systems we have to day. My dilema is how do you get people to pay attention to the truth. I am trying to change the banking and insolvency systems because they should never had been put in place in the first instance. Now people are so indoctrined and the sigmas so ingrained its going to be a tremendous undertaking. I am in it for the long hall though whatever it takes.
    Lisa Cowe
    Handicapped, learning disabled, and a bankrupt person

    1. The truth will be revealed as more people are bankrupted post lockdown and experience that process. It’s like the three organisations that currently monopolise the Northland region’s economy. What they still fail to realise is that in order to rebuild the economy, you need the community behind you as part of that rebuild. Otherwise a region continues to be dominated by the corporate speak and actions designed to only cater for a few privileged people rather than a whole community. It’s also time for businesses to reassess the money they have spent on services and professional development. Did those services actually bring any benefit to your business or did you merely get talked into paying for overpriced services and business knowledge as a result of a targeted marketing strategy.

  2. Hi Lisa, we just have to keep doing what we are doing knowing that so far we are the only ones that have spoken out about our respective topics: you – Bankruptcy and the impact on mental health, me (Business Loss – and the impact on mental health – the disconnect and the human cost revealed). Lisa, we keep doing what we are doing because the people we have been helping, need it. we’re not some big corporate enterprise, no we are people that actually care about Business owners – let’s say people in general – and we have worked voluntarily at the ‘frontline,’ hence the drive to improve outcomes for people – even after a massive business crisis.

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